A Quick Journey Into Plants

I haven’t always been “anti-animal” products. I used to love a good burger (hey-o Shake Shak), a bratwurst, the usual evening ice cream, etc. Ice cream was my one true love. I didn’t discriminate, I loved it all. I’d devour turkey on Thanksgiving and I loved eggs over easy. I’d always tell my lactose intolerant friends that “I could never go away from cow’s milk. I can’t do the taste of almond milk. I’ve tried.” Well that didn’t last long…

I’ve always been fascinated by the vegan movement. I’d watch YouTubers and think “wow I wonder how my body would feel if I ate just plants?” I’d go through stints of eating clean, but would soon give into temptation. See, my mom’s a food blogger and I still live at home, so you do the math. My mom’s friends joke that she was the reason I chose to stop eating meat because, in fact, it was something she made that sent me over. Mom went to Austin for a work trip in February and cooked up a turkey for us to eat while she was away. I brought it to work to eat as my dinner one day and as I was pulling it apart with my fork I was thinking to myself “this is muscle. I work on muscle” (I’m a massage therapist). And then I went home that night and got into those documentaries on Netflix. I had watched them before and they resinated with me but never pushed me over the edge. I then decided I wasn’t eating milk anymore and wasn’t going to use cows milk in my cereal. These were the first steps I was taking.

I eat vegan about 95% of the time. I only buy vegan products. On the cruise we went on I was Pescatarian. The only time I eat animal products at home is if Mom makes something (her famous cheese filled crepes with strawberry sauce *insert drooling emoji*) that has milk, eggs, or butter in it. Look for a future post about why I don’t think I’ll go full vegan until a couple years from now and I think that’s ok.

So this is just a short explanation of my story into becoming an avid consumer of plants. If this is something you’re thinking about doing or you were like me and always had the thought of “oh I could never…”. Just do it. Do it for yourself and your health. Or do it for the planet and your community. Or do it for both. Or just try it. See how you feel.

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