First Time

So, this is not my first attempt at blogging. I’ve had a first attempt, a second attempt, and yes even a fourth attempt too. Is it that the fifth time is the charm? Probably not for everyone else, but maybe me?

I’m writing this on a rocky ship. Yes, a ship. My first cruise. And tomorrow I turn 25. 25! Ok, wow to both sentences. This is also my first time out of the US. Well if you’re not counting that one time I accidentally went to Canada and when my family went to Rocky Point, Mexico when I was 10. Anyways, I’m on this ship for my first real trip outside the US, because my mom’s a blogger and she was asked to do some PR work for a cruise line and could take one guest with her. We had about a month notice and I requested the 10 days off asap. We’ve crossed off some bucket list items I never knew I had and we still have four full days left. It’s safe to say I love cruising and I also love taking a hot shower, putting a robe on, and ordering a vegetarian dish from the room service menu while Mom is at dinner with friends.

I had been inspired to start up again (maybe this time for real, for real?) mostly because of the pictures I was taking on my personal Instagram. I was having so much fun and thought “yeah I could get used to this.”. There are also some pro travel bloggers on this trip and talking to them was another big part. I started to look at travel blogs and here I am in the stateroom listening to Kokomo by The Beach Boys because we went snorkeling in Aruba the day before last. And also, I became a vegetarian 2 months ago. I’ve been SUPER passionate about the lifestyle and can’t get enough. So, hence the name ‘A Traveling Veggie’. Mom thought it was cute so here we go!